7 MLM Lead Generation Ideas for The Newbie

MLM Lead Generation Ideas for the Newbie

The secret to good lead generation for your MLM is to diversify your techniques.  This way you will be talking to different people from different backgrounds, and can build up a huge leadflow as you go.


Offline MLM Lead Generation

If you’re completely new to the business it can be a good idea to start with offline MLM lead generation.  Be prepared to spend a lot of time on the phone as these leads tend not to be as qualified as your online leads, but it’s a great way to get started.  Get yourself an 800 number so that people can call you instead of having to go online.

1.  Warm Market (The not so fun way!)

Let the people in your life know you’ve started a new venture and ask them are they interested in looking at a business.  Most of them wont be, and the ones that do will often not work as hard for success as a lead you generate elsewhere.  Why?  Because they weren’t looking for a business they often don’t have the desire to really make a change in their life!

2.  Drop Cards

These little business cards can be put in books, magazines, car windshield wipers, etc.

3. Newspaper Ads and Magazines

A well placed ad in a quality newspaper will get a bunch of leads, often they are more interested in jobs, so you have to open them up to the idea of a business.  You can get higher quality leads from a nich magazine, but the ads are more expensive.


Online MLM Lead Generation

Online MLM lead generation is actually way cheaper and more effective than offline!  The only problem is there is a little bit more of a learning curve so it can take quite a bit longer to see good results!!  It can take up to six months to get good at generating your leads online and at that point a lot of people would have given up!  A great way to do it is to work on learning the skills for effective online MLM lead generation, and using offline techniques to still be growing the business.  If you can stomach waiting 3 to 6 months to get your first check I would suggest simply learning everything there is to know about online MLM lead generation and just going for it 100%.

1. Warm Market (the fun way!)

Put a simple post on Facebook saying you started a new business venture in the xxx Industry and you’re really excited about it.  Ask would anyone be interested in partnering with you and let them have a look at your company presentation.  This is more comfortable and allows those not interested to simply not respond.  Don’t spam your wall with posts, but once every week or two put up a business related post.  You’ll find that as you become successful more friends and family will ask about the business.

2. Social Media

You can use Facebook to meet new people who are interested in working from home!  It’s a great platform to set up a company presentation and even collect leads.  There are now apps that will do all this for you, down to even getting the person to let you know they would like to hear more from you at the end of the presentation!  See an example of how this works in this Facebook App.  Watch the entire presentation to see how the app works for MLM lead generation.

3. Creating a blog

A blog is a great place for people to get to know you and view you as someone who could teach them how to change their life.  You’ll find that if people see you as a leader you don’t have to convince them to join your company.  They will want to work with you regardless of which MLM you are in.  Simply have some connection to a company presentation (that still collects them as a lead you can follow up with) on your blog, and then write about making money from home, how to change your life, etc.

4. Create funnels

The MLM lead generation bootcamp at the side of this page will show you how to both create funnels and a blog that will get you ONLY talking to leads that actually know who you are and want to work with you!  If your MLM lead generation technique takes your leads through a filtering process you will end up with highly qualified leads that are practically jumping to join you!

Keep your MLM lead generation as simple as you can while you learn the skills to create funnels, blogs, and a social media storm!


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