7 Work From Home UK Ideas

Work From Home UK Ideas

Many people in different parts of the globe have found ways to work from home and live life they way they want to.  This is really a new industry in the UK and you can take advantage of it by starting early.  There are many legitimate ways to work from home in the UK, you just need to pick the one for you and put in a bit of work to get going.

The Work from home UK market is just getting started, here’s some ideas to be a part of it:

1. Get an “At Home Job”

Real work from home UK jobs are few and far between.  Most companies that advertise work from home jobs are really requiring you to set up your own business.  If you are going to go the business route you will want to be selective about who you work with.  If you are genuinely looking for a work from home UK job you will need to try talking to agencies as they will typically not allow business opportunities.  These jobs are rare in the UK as most companies will outsource to a foreign country or simply have call centres.  You will usually find these jobs are sales or customer service.

2. Run a Business from Your Home

If you have extra room in your house consider starting up as a Life coach, massage therapist, children’s daycare, etc.  It will take you some time to get whatever training and qualification is needed to be able to do this, but it can be very rewarding. If you are looking for work from home UK ideas as you’re a stay at home mom it is often not possible to keep set appointments with kids in the house.  You might consider something that didn’t require you to be at a certain place at a certain time.

3. Run a Business from Your Car

I don’t mean selling things from the boot of your car, but you can set up as an Avon lady or something similar.  You will need to both distribute and collect your catalogues (drop them to people’s houses and arrange a time to come collect the catalogue and any order).  When people place orders with you, you will earn a commission and also have to drop the goods to the person’s house.  This involves a lot of legwork, but can create a nice income for someone working from home.

4. Home Party Planning

Set up home parties to sell goods.  Many Home party style companies are only just moving into the UK in the last few years meaning the market is still fairly open and these parties are a novelty to many women.  You can sell shoes, handbags, lingerie, jewelry, etc.  You get together a group of women and turn it into a girly giggle where the women can look at your products and order whatever they’d like.

5. Work Online

Real work from home UK ideas are limited, but if you can work online it opens up the rest of the world to earn money from! Many UK residents are VERY successful online as not many British people are working online, so there is still a novelty factor, and people in other countries tend to love and trust the UK accent.  Run your own blog, make your own videos, etc.  Pick a niche that you might be interested in and start a website about it.  If you specifically target the UK with your website you have a higher chance of competing against other websites online as most internet marketers are based in the US.

You can earn from a website in multiple ways:  advertising (you get payed based on your traffic), affiliate commissions (recommend products your visitors would like), make your own products, have a “shop” section of your website and dropship products to your customers, etc.

6. Network Marketing

Network marketing is a HUGE growth industry in the UK.  Many network marketing companies move to the UK once they have gained a year or two of success in the states.  This means that UK residents get the benefits of the prelaunch (i.e. you get to market to a WIDE open market) without the risks (the company is proven and wont suddenly go bust).  This is my favourite work from home UK idea as it is a way to make money exponentially.  You have to build your business at the start, but once you get going you also make money from the efforts of your team and you can work less and earn more!  Try to find a network marketing company that is within it’s first two years of operating in the UK to really maximize your results.  If you don’t know what network marketing is read the What is MLM article to better understand.

7. Take Advantage of Global Trends

Using Facebook or Google+ you can sell products, promote a website, or get people into your network marketing company from accross the globe.  Don’t limit yourself to the UK market, but use the benefits of being from the UK.  Both UK residents and people from other countries tend to like and trust the many UK accents and you will want to use this to your advantage!  I work from Ireland, but market to the UK, the USA, and Australia as well as many other countries world wide.  My team uses Facebook to reach potential customers and business partners as it’s now a global phenomenon.  See an example of how to use Facebook as a work from home UK tool: Here.

Honestly I find most true work from home UK jobs to be fairly underpaid and limited.  Make a real income from home by combining different ideas, creating multiple streams of income, and marketing to the entire world through the internet.

If you have other work from home UK ideas, leave your comments below!



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