From The Rebel Marketer's Team:

Mommy Bloggers/Writers Wanted

Seeking writers who can write for a blog and want to earn leveraged income through blogging and social sharing.

The video above will give you an insight into our team.

We are a team of marketers who use blogs to make money and help others online.

The Rebel Marketers Team was founded by Niamh Arthur a mom who now get’s to blog from home, play with her kids, and get Daddy doing housework instead of trudging to work every day!

We’re looking for Mom bloggers, although you don’t have to be a mom to qualify.  You can blog on any topic, but here are some of the traits we are looking for:

  • Social – There is a definite emphasis on social sharing and growing a social list in our team, if you don’t like making friends online, don’t apply
  • Fun – This is a fun team, and we prefer to work with people with a good sense of fun and who will enjoy the work
  • Willing to Work Daily – Some of us only put in an hour a day after baby bed time, it doesn’t matter how little time you can put in as long as you are willing to work consistently
  • Enjoy Helping Others – Not essential, but a definite advantage

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