ACN Reviews- The Truth Your Rep Won’t Tell You

Real ACN Reviews are NOT written by ACN reps.

By only reading ACN reviews from unbiased sources (such as this one) you will be able to get a clear picture of the company, the products, as well as some of the negatives of joining this company.

The following are some ACN reviews of different aspects of the company that will help you decide if it is right for you.

ACN Reviews – The Company

ACN was founded in 1993 and started out in the long-distance phone product market.  Nowadays they are in 20 countries across 3 continents and have greatly expanded their product offering.  They use a network marketing model to promote their services (i.e. get independent associates to both sell the services and to recruit other independent associates).

Any company that has been around longer than about 3 years in this business is doing something right.  This means they have a large enough customer base to be competitive in the industry and that people are making money with the business (because when people don’t make money they leave and the business can’t be sustained.

The company also benefits from the endorsement of Donald Trump.  It’s rumored that Trump wanted to buy ACN years ago but the founding members turned him down.  Trump has since gone on to start his own network marketing company, The Trump Network.  We have to assume that he is paid a hefty chunk to endorse ACN, however it’s doubtful he would risk his reputation if he wasn’t confident that the company had good leadership and products.

ACN reviews could not be complete however without pointing out that the company has had it’s share of scrutiny.  Both in Canada and Australia they have fought claims of being a pyramid scheme.  They came out on top both times, which means that they are legally compliant.

ACN Reviews – The Products

ACN primarily now focuses on it’s video phone services, they offer an array of other telecom services as well.  This includes digital phone, cell phone and long distance services, satellite tv, home security, etc.  They mostly use other companies networks and act as a reseller.  This makes it impossible to judge if their products are better than the competition, because they are pretty much the same as the competition!

ACN has been appealing to network marketers because their products are things people already use.  You don’t have to convince anyone to start using them, just to change over.  The two downsides of the products are to be competitive they naturally have to have low profit margins, which means it takes time to build up an income, and you also often have customers that are willing to change but have pre-existing contracts with other providers.  You definitely don’t want to be following up with your leads in 6 mths to a year!

ACN Reviews – The Opportunity

ACN uses a typical network marketing model where you are paid commissions seven levels deep on both purchases from your customers and the customers of the reps you enroll in the opportunity.  The downside of this opportunity is that the nature of the telecoms industry means that profit margins are tiny.  You can expect that you will make money, but only if you work hard at it and build a huge organization.  The money is really going to come in by focusing more on building a team of leaders who are getting customers as well so you can leverage your efforts and build a large organization fast.  Don’t expect to make big bucks solely on convincing your friends and family to switch their services to ACN.

ACN has received a lot of bad press over the years from people who expected to make a lot of money fast, and were disappointed with small checks!  If you do decide to join you need to realistically expect it to take at least 6 months of hard work to build a decent income.  But if you aren’t prepared to put in hard work, you’re not likely to be successful at any home business!

ACN Reviews – The Truth

It comes down to this, don’t join ACN if you want to simply tell a few people about it and make a huge income.  It’s not going to happen!  However, this out-dated technique is what many ACN reps are still suggesting to their new recruits!

What you need is to learn how to actually be a success in network marketing.  You need to get specific and create a marketing plan for your next 3 to 6 months of how you will recruit others and get them working for you.  The best way to both learn the specific up-to-date techniques and get all the tools you will need to succeed in ACN or any home business is to use a proven system like Empower Network.

ACN does not take advantage of todays online trends! Learn how to use up-to-date methods to grow ACN (or any network marketing business) online using just these three “Weird” Marketing tricks.

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