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Article Samurai Review – From A Verified User

Article Samurai officially released just a couple short months ago, and sold out within hours!  They only released the article marketing software to 500 people in order to be sure they could handle the work load and so as not to flood the article directories and blog networks they had partnered with.  I was one of the lucky 500 who actually managed to get a subscription, and have been using it as my primary source of backlinks ever since!

Article Samurai Review – The Initial Set-Up

Every article marketing or distribution system I have ever used, and I’ve used Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Robot (which I still recommend!), Automatic Article Submitter, and one or two others; there has always been a serious set-up process.  The blog networks are usually a little easier to set-up, but generate only a few links.  The programs that submit to directories take time and a bit of work to actually set up.  They usually have an automated process, but it’s still a matter of trial and error, working with glitchy systems, setting up user accounts with hundreds of directories, etc.

With Article Samurai you have virtually no set-up!  It’s actually the easiest program I’ve seen yet in that you literally install it on your computer, write an article, pick a category and add your author name before you hit submit.  Honestly, this was one of my favourite things about it because I didn’t have to worry about getting it set-up or figuring out loads of possible categories for hundreds of directories, etc.

Article Samurai Review – Usability

This product was marketed as being able to do your article submitting in 5-10 minutes.  I find that it does take slightly longer, but it’s closer to 15-20 for me.  This is still significantly less than it took me to submit to directories in the past.  It also covers both article directories and blog networks with one submission (saving me having to re-do spin syntax and input my article into several places).

I really like the one-click spinning, but I do have to go through and check all the spins.  Often I don’t feel it’s spun enough, so I manually add some spins.  The entire spinning process takes about 10 minutes for me.  It does use Content Boss, which I haven’t always been a fan of, but as long as I double check the article I’m actually fairly happy with the results.

This is my article process:

  1. Write Article On My Blog (30 min-1 hour, often up to 1000 words because let’s face it, I’m wordy!)
  2. Copy and Paste into Article Samurai
  3. Cut Article Down to 500-700 words and add 3 links, one in body two in resource box (5-7 mins)
  4. Hit Automatic Spin, manually check spins and add a few of my own (10 mins)
  5. Hit Syndicate, Add my name and Click a Category (2 mins)

My old process used to take MUCH longer than this to syndicate to both blog networks and article directories, like at least an hour, so I’m happy that Article Samurai is incredibly fast (even if not the 5-10 mins advertised).  I still submit in Article Marketing Robot to maximize my backlinks, but find it easiest to use Article Samurai first and export a spin version of the article so I’m just copying and pasting, adding about 5 minutes to the process!  Honestly though, I haven’t used Article Marketing Robot in the last few weeks and I’m still seeing great results.

Article Samurai Review – The Results

I’ve seen my results more than quadruple since joining Article Samurai!  I now find I can rank on page one of Google for more competitive terms than I could before.  This has resulted in much higher traffic to the site.  Once I realized this was happening I was able to target terms that have up to 1,000,000 direct competitors (i.e. the amount when searched in quotes on Google)!

I’ve seen increased backlinks (really quickly), increased traffic, and increased sales.  I’ve also decreased my workload, because I’ve just had a baby I pretty much cut out everything but writing articles and putting them in Article Samurai. (Lack of sleep makes doing boring busy work much harder!)

One great thing about the program is it has both Keyword research and Rank Tracker built in.  It will automatically add any link and keyword you put in your articles to rank tracker.  I can update it daily and see how many links I’m getting and where my articles are actually ranking in Google.  This way I know what keywords need an extra push (i.e. use the second link in a new article to add more backlinks to an older article).

Article Samurai Review – The Downsides

It’s expensive.  Honestly, at nearly $100 a month it’s much more expensive than anything else I’ve tried, but it’s worth it to get quick and easy results!  I was able to drop my subscription to a blog network at $60 a month, and I’ve NEVER regretted the cost given the results I’ve gotten so far.

The platform can be a little bit slow, so sometimes I’m waiting a little while to get keyword research done, etc.  It’s not very buggy because it’s updated often, but I still get a little annoyed when it takes awhile to get moving.

There is not a lot of visibility to where your article is being submitted, you don’t know until you search your backlinks.  This doesn’t bother me much, because I can see I’m getting lots of backlinks and Google seems to LOVE my site, but it’s something that has been brought up to hopefully be changed in the future.

It’s closed!  The worst thing about Article Samurai is no one is able to get it at the moment (although, not bad for me because most of my competition doesn’t have it!)

If you want to find out as soon as it becomes available again just put your name and email in the box below.  I’ll send you a quick email when I hear anything about them reopening for new members.


If you have any questions about this Article Samurai Review leave your comments below!



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  1. Mark
    2 years ago

    Hi Niamh

    Thanks for the Article Samurai review.

    Unfortunately I missed the initial opening, but as you know, 1000 places are being opened up this coming Friday, and I was wondering if you still recommend it, and any other info you might wish to share on your latest results/effectiveness etc.



  2. Peter Lauge
    2 years ago


    Like Mark I wonder also if you still like it and recommend it?


  3. Niamh
    2 years ago

    Mark and Peter,

    Yes I still use Article Samurai as my primary source of backlinks. If I have a really competitive keyword I will occassionally supplement with Article Marketing Robot…and I also have a different tool for social links. But I find AS really good as it’s fast and easy to use…and drips out solid links over time!

    The only downside is it’s a bit more expensive than most, but I find it worth it!