Empower Network Reviews – The Truth About This System

The Most Indepth Empower Network Reviews Online

If you’re hunting for Empower Network Reviews you want to understand how the system works and if it will make you money!

The following Empower Network reviews will show you exactly how Empower Network works and help you decide if it’s a good option for you!

Empower Network Reviews: What Is It?

While Empower Network will enable you to make money, it is primarily a marketing system that allows new marketers and experienced marketers to get on the same playing field, not get stuck in the technical set up of online marketing, and start earning 100% commission direct into their bank account daily!

When you sign up at the first level you get:

  • The Empower Network Blogging System - A Core ‘Done For You’ Blogging System – so you can have a WordPress blog INSTANTLY setup, with all of the bells and whistles, so you can start getting traffic and leads immediately.  This means you can start VIRAL blogging instantly, with the benefit of a blog hosted on a high traffic domain!
  • High Converting Lead Capture Pages – HIGH CONVERTING, Instant Capture Pages – You’ll even be able to capture the leads into your own auto-responder account, or just use Empower’s, whatever you prefer.
  • The Empower Network Presentation System – You’ll get a presentation page where your customers will be paying you directly – right into your bank account.
  • 100% Commissions Into Your Bank Account DAILY – You’ll FINALLY Be Able To Get Money Deposited Right Into Your OWN Bank Account, Daily – You’ll be pumped about having your customers pay you directly, right from their credit card into your own bank account.
  • And For a Limited Time – 8 video ‘Fast Start’ training, complete with a PDF workbook showing you exactly how you can  start getting daily, instant 100% commissions – starting today.

Empower Network Reviews: How Does It Work?

If you’ve spent any time marketing online at all you understand that Blogging is THE BEST way to grow traffic, build a list, and make money online.  However, most people don’t know how to set up a blog, create converting capture pages, add plugins that help your blog rank, and drive traffic to that blog!

Empower Network basically removes the “technical set-up” stumbling block that plagues most newby marketers and causes them to fail.  Once you’re logged into your system you start writing articles, that’s it!  NO SET-UP!

If you’re a more experienced marketer you have the option to change things around a bit, but GET THIS: This blog was set-up by THE TOP blogger in the network marketing industry, using the tools, systems, and images that work to generate him A MINIMUM of $2000 every single day.  Don’t change it unless you know you’re getting great results already with what you’re doing.  You can preview the EXACT blog you will have access to by reading this Empower Network Review on my Empower blog.

You will be able to drive traffic both to your blog and lead capture pages.  Once you’ve generated leads and members you will be able to market your primary business opportunity on the back end.

Note: The more you help your team make money, the longer they stick around, and the more likely they are to want to join your network marketing business to get even more coaching and training from YOU!

Empower Network Reviews: What Else Will I Need?

1. You need a way to get paid!  There are two options for this:

For Americans: First Data will help you set up a merchant account, this way when someone buys anything from Empower Network through your links they are depositing money directly to your bank account from their credit card!!  Empower has set up a special service with First Data so that even people with poor credit ratings can get approved FAST.

For Internationals: Empower Network now also allows you to use Alert Pay to receive your commissions!  There are full instructions how to set this up in the Empower back office.

2. You will want to consider an autoresponder

Empower has a built in autoresponder if you don’t have your own.  However, it’s a good idea to consider setting up your own autoresponder so that you 100% own your list!  When marketing online a big focus should be on growing your list and communicating with them.

Aweber has a $1 trial for the first month, and then is only $20 a month after that.

Empower Network Reviews: How Do I Earn 100% Commissions?

Everything product you purchase through Empower Network gives you RESELL RIGHTS.  This is how you earn the 100% commissions.  You don’t need to figure out how to sell the products or learn copywriting, it is all done for you through the system.

For example, if you use the Empower Network Marketing system you will pay only $25 a month.  When you show someone else the system and they see the power of an immediate viral blogging system done for you, they will purchase it at $25 a month and the money they pay goes straight into your bank account through your merchant account.

Empower Network Reviews: How Do I Earn Residual Income?

Your income becomes residual in two ways with Empower Network:

1. Monthly ongoing charges – Anyone you refer who pays you the first monthly fee, will continue to pay you automatically each and every month they stay with the system.  As so many people get the system paid for by referring just one person in,  Empower Network is set to have some of the highest retention rates ever seen.

2. Pay-ups From Your Members – Your members will pass up their second, fourth, sixth, and then every fifth sale to you.  This is built in to encourage sponsors to HELP their team members, not compete with them!!  Remember it’s 100% commission paid to only one person.  The system will automatically charge the customer to your merchant account when a sale is passed up to you.  You also get pay-ups if someone buys something through your team members that they don’t own! For example, if you have a team member who isn’t paying their $25 a month, when someone orders through them YOU GET THE MONEY…100%…DIRECT TO YOUR BANK!

Empower Network Reviews: What’s In It For The Founders (How Can They Give 100% Commissions And STILL Make A Fortune)?

David Wood and David Sharpe are not new to the industry.  They both stand to make a ton of money from the system simply from those people they refer!  Why offer it at 100% commission??  Because they need a team of people getting cashflow into their businesses, so that they stay in Dave and Dave’s downlines in their network marketing company.  Also, they DO make a ton of money daily, and they genuinely want to see more people become successful to uplift the network marketing industry as a whole!

Primarily this system is designed so that more people can become successful in network marketing through easier set-up, faster marketing, and MORE CASHFLOW.

When Dave and Dave refer new people into their respective MLM companies, they will have a marketing system that allows their people to become successful FAST meaning their downlines will be growing faster, stronger, with higher retention rates.

The Empower Network is uplifting the entire industry.  Finally everyone has a chance to be on the same playing field.  Regular people can make guru money by getting 100% commissions direct to their bank account, instead of waiting 4 weeks for a small check to finally arrive at their door.

Stop looking for Empower Network Reviews and Make the decision to start earning 100% commissions direct to your bank account today!


To Your EASY Success!

Niamh Arthur

Attraction Marketing Master

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  1. Larry Sallee
    2 years ago

    I’m sorry but during the years I’ve been involved in this type of business, I’ve found that unless you have a very large e-mail list or an equal large bank account to purchase advertising it will be a long hard road to make any money in this business {Empower Network] or in any other business as well. I do not have a e-mail list or any extra money for advertising. I view this as a long shot to make any money at all.

    • Niamh
      2 years ago

      Hi Larry,

      Thanks for commenting! I do agree that an email list or money to fund your business is a definite shortcut to success. However I don’t believe that people starting with nothing should not count themselves out.

      The difference Empower Network makes is taking out a bunch of technical and skill level hurdles for people…they still will have to put in a lot of hard work to get their businesses going! But I truly believe everyone can be successful…if you don’t have the advantages of a list or money to fund your business then you will need to invest some hard work and leverage your efforts by using a strong system.