9 Top Home Business Ideas for Women Who Want to Make It Big

Home business ideas for women who want to make it BIG!

Just because your a stay-at-home mom, or out of a job, or miserable in work, doesn’t mean you can’t earn your own income from home!  The following are the top 9 best home business ideas for women, listed from least recommended, to most recommended (for earning big money!)

If you really want to make big money I recommend skipping to the “online home business ideas for women” section, as the internet allows you to scale your efforts.  Any offline business is restricted by your circle of influence as well as your local reach.  Some women do prefer to work offline, and in that case the first section (Offline home business ideas for women) is for you!

Offline Home Business Ideas for Women

9. Crafts and Home Products

This is really just a hobby.  A lot of women (particularly stay at home moms) like to do different arts and crafts.  It is possible to start a business selling your arts and crafts, however this is not going to be a big money maker in most cases.  You would have to find a way to mass produce and get your products into stores, or get a very popular website going to sell your products.  It’s a labor of love and don’t expect to make big money doing this.

8. Home Parties

This would typically be selling lingerie, bags, shoes, etc.  You get a bunch of women together, have food, have a giggle, and let them look through your products placing orders for anything they like!  The downside of home parties is you only make money when you can get a party together, and if you only have a limited circle of influence it will be hard to make steady money. Often you have to purchase the goods to show the women.  The upside is when you do get a party together you can make a decent amount in one go.

7. Sales Rep

Most women know at least one “Avon Lady”.  You can set up as a sales rep for a makeup or similar company.  They send you a magazine to show other women, they tell you what they want, you place the order which gets sent to you and then you deliver.  This is great if you know a lot of women and have a car!  Again you are limited to your sphere of influence and how far you can go to deliver.

6. Providing Services From Your Home

This would involve getting a qualification, but if you have some extra room there’s a lot you can do with it!  You can become a life coach, run a daycare, tutor children, learn massage therapy, etc.  You would want to market your business online so that you can make a good income by having steady clients.  If you have kids you need to consider will you be able to keep set appointments.

Online Home Business Ideas for Women

5. Freelancing

Join a website such as Elance and start doing writing or computer work from home for others.  You can also become a virtual assistant, just remember that the pay in this area is low.  You have to be quick and resourceful to make a decent income at this.  Online “jobs” simply don’t make a lot of money unless you have a specialized skill like web design, etc.

4. Special Interest Blog

This is a slow burner, but lots of fun if you have a particular interest that others share.  Many women have started blogs about childcare, about pregnancy, about home cooking, etc.  You can take the skills you have learned from home and show others how to do the same.  You can then earn advertising revenue from the site traffic (which will be tiny, but will get bigger the more traffic you build!)  The How to Blog Tutorial can show you how to set up a blog quickly and cheaply!

3. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best home business ideas for women as you can make money from other people’s products.  You promote online products (using a blog, social networks, paid ads, etc) that other people have made.  You typically earn 50% and upwards on commission!  Nowadays you can promote continuity program (membership programs) and keep making money every month from the same sale.  This article on affiliate marketing tools can show you more about how to set this up.

2. Network Marketing

Network Marketing, or MLM, is a great way to earn money from home because you can build up a residual income so you don’t have to keep slaving away to make money.  In this you market products for a company, but also promote the business.  You earn money from products you sell, but also products sold by those you brought into the company, and products sold by those THEY brought into the company, and so on.  You can rack up a huge monthly income fairly quickly (expect around 3-6 months working about 2 hours a day).  This article will better explain What is MLM and is it for you.

1. Multiple Streams of Income

The BEST way to make money is to combine several home business ideas for women.  I combine a special interest blog, with affiliate marketing, network marketing, and a Government approved Facebook income system.  This means that if one income stream takes longer to build you can still earn from another.  You will need to connect your income streams through a common niche or interest so that you aren’t splitting your efforts.  This way you can still just work 1-2 hours per day, but be growing several income streams through your efforts instead of just one.  You can learn more about how I do this by watching the Government Approved Facebook Presentation.  It will give you a good idea of what it takes to earn a substantial income from home in this economy.

If you have any other ideas, comments, or feel I’ve left out any good Home Business ideas for women please comment below.




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  1. Stella
    2 years ago

    These are great business ideas for women who want to earn big money. This will really inspire many. Thanks for sharing.

    • Niamh
      2 years ago

      Thanks Stella!

      I really believe that women can absolutely rule the home business arena. Most of these business ideas are based on being able to build strong relationships and I think women are especially talented at that!