I Hate Marketing…Marketing

And you do too…. right?

Surely you’re not the ONE person in the world who LIKES people constantly marketing at you, trying to get you to buy their thing…and then ignoring you the second you do, right?

Guess what… the golden rule still applies online!

You know “do unto others…”

Just because you can’t see someone’s face doesn’t mean you should start screwing people over, or treating people badly.  I HATE when I see marketers treating people badly and thinking it’s ok because they are doing it to LOTS of people and therefore by theory of numbers it doesn’t matter what the individual thinks.

Sorry…but I have to call BS.

Would you walk up to someone in the street and say to them whatever it is you’re saying online, No? Then don’t say it!

Ok…getting a bit ranty, but the fact is I DO hate marketing, and so do you, and so does that other guy, and so does the next girl, and everyone reading this post PROBABLY hates marketing.

So how can I call myself a marketer if I hate marketing and believe in the golden rule?

I use anti-marketing marketing….or marketing that passes the “I hate marketing” test.

Basically…. I produce something real.

What do I produce?

Information, fun, entertainment, new ways to look at something, a break from your day… whatever you want to call it, I put stuff on a blog that might actually be of interest to my readers.

That doesn’t mean I write every word on my blogs (I do on this one), often I call attention to interesting news or stuff my reader actually wants to read.

Do I send out emails that are nothing but a pitch?

Nope, don’t do that either.

Because screw the law of numbers… I believe in the law of treating others well.

My little litmus test is, would I like my blog?

Would I come back to read more of my blog?

Would I open my emails, and appreciate what’s there?

Yeah, I would.

That doesn’t mean that everyone is going to love me, or love what I do.  Because everyone is different and if you try to please EVERYONE with your blog…this will be your post:

”                                ”


So, I double check that I don’t stray too far down the promotional path (oh, I do promote stuff that I use and let people know what I have done to be so successful… but I don’t blast them with a daily pitch).  I double check that I am PROUD of every post before I hit publish (you’ll know by this deep sense of well being in your guy)…. and I have followers that will tell me if I stray.

Instead of blindly following others I litmus test everything….and THEN split test.  So first I make sure I don’t feel shitty about what I’m doing, and then I test to see what people like best in what I do.

It means I can never become an evil money grabbing spammy marketer!  (if you think I am one, there’s a little unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email I send that you are welcome to press at any time.)

Whew, ok and every now and again I go off on a rant where I type at some ridiculous words per minute because inspiration and passion is flowing out my finger tips!! (like now!)

I MEANT to make this blog about why blogging is awesome…. but strayed a bit.

Anyway, blogging is the best path to Non-marketing marketing.

It allows people to get to know you, see the real person behind what you promote, and decide for themselves if they want to follow your advice.

You can learn more about my team of Rebel bloggers…. making the internet MORE REAL one post at a time, by checking our team video out here.

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