Isagenix Scam or Not? Indepth Review

If you are researching Isagenix the main question at the back of your mind is: Isagenix Scam or The Real Deal?  It can be hard to tell the real information from the biased reviews by people who are trying to sell Isagenix.  This review from a third party, unbiased expert, will look at whether or not Isagenix is a scam, and whether you should join!

To start with we have to understand, what actually constitutes a “Scam”. defines scam as:

“A dishonest scheme, or a fraud”

So with that in mind, let’s look at some of the aspects of the Isagenix business.

Isagenix Scam? – The Claims

This question can be tough when it comes to network marketing, as no matter how careful a company is they have only a little control over what the independent distributors are saying and claiming about their products.  Isagenix are quite careful to establish rules and ensure distributors are not making false claims, but it would be impossible for them to track everything.  So we have to look just at what the company claims.    They are very careful on their product descriptions to only explain what it actually does.  For example, on their main “cleanse” product lines they simply state that it will remove impurities from the body and nourish the body with vital nutrients.  They state that “Many people notice an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.”  This careful wording shows that they don’t want to promise anything that might not be delivered in every case.  It is actually a very good sign that the company is careful and legally compliant.  Simple research can show that removing impurities and adding nutrients can indeed assist in weight loss, but it is still a matter of the person’s ability to change.  So Isagenix does not seem to make any false claims about their products.

Isagenix Scam? – The Opportunity

When looking at whether or not a network marketing business is a scam, there are three things to look for.

1. Is there any product purchase REQUIRED to participate in the opportunity?

-In the case of Isagenix, no there is not.  You have to pay a $39 fee to set up as an associate, and following that you have to hit certain business volume requirements to get paid, but this business volume can be generated by recruiting others.  The catch is that the easiest way to qualify is to go on an autoshipment and use the products yourself.  But it does make sense to buy the products so you can use them, get to like them, and better promote them.  The good news is you don’t have to, so Isagenix is legit on that point.

2. Does anyone make money SIMPLY for enrolling someone?

-Again, not in Isagenix.  The $39 enrolling fee does not result in any commissions.  Associates ONLY make money when a product is sold.  This means that will always encourage people to go on autoshipment, and they will probably emphasize the fact that it is the easiest way to get qualified to make money, but they won’t make money simply from someone signing up!

3. Is there an Income Disclosure Statement?

-This is a legal requirement for all home based business opportunities.  This will show you how much money people are actually making in the business.  The disclosure statement was a little hard to find on the Isagenix website, but it is there!  I typically don’t worry to much about the disclosure statement, except to see if a company is legally complaint.  You need to make sure that they value the business before you invest time and effort building it!  You certainly don’t want them to run into legal issues down the line.  So why do I ignore the info?

Well, the sad truth of the network marketing business is that about 97% of marketers fail!  They typically have never operated a home business before, so they don’t have the knowledge and experience in how to be a success.  They usually run out of money to advertise or don’t know how to generate leads for their business and pack it in within the first 90 days!  So what matters in the income statement is, what’s the potential? How much money could be made here?  Once you know that you simply have to learn HOW to market your business, leverage the power of the internet and generate high-quality leads on demand.

So Isagenix Scam? No, definitely a legit opportunity, but if you want to be a success you need to understand how to market a home business, generate a huge downline and teach others to do the same.  You can start by accessing the free Isagenix Training Center, which will show you how to generate cashflow, get leads on demand, and master internet marketing no matter which network marketing company you choose.


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