Ultimate MLM Business Plan Template

Create a personalized MLM Business Plan in 30 minutes or less.

If you’ve recently started your own MLM business, or have been unsuccessful in an MLM for some time you need to have an MLM business plan.  Too many people start this business following a “simple three step system” for following up with people, or use a haphazard approach by talking to friends and family about their business.  What they don’t realize is that an MLM may be a simple way to make money and a great way to get started as an entrepreneur, but it should still be considered a business!

Every business needs a plan or strategy for success.  Simply taking the time to create your MLM business plan may mean the difference between success and failure.

The 6 sections of an MLM Business Plan

1. Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

What are you promoting?  Are you selling the product and then getting your customers to look at the business? Are you advertising a lifestyle and getting curious people to watch a company presentation? Both these strategies put you in direct competition with everyone else in your business.

To stay current and actually compete with everyone else in the home business arena today, you need to be promoting yourself.  Your abilities, knowledge, and leadership within the MLM market is what will sell you.  You need people to look at you as someone who can show them how to be a success and then they will sign up regardless of your company.

This is call Attraction Marketing.  If you have never heard of it I strongly encourage you to check out the Magnetic Sponsoring e-book that started this unique way of marketing.

Your USP should be you! How to set yourself apart from other leaders.  Are you approachable, a parent, a college student, a retiree, etc?  What will make people want to work with you?

2. The Lead’s Journey

What interaction does your lead have with you?  Are there ways to automate the relationship you are building (such as using an autoresponder)?  Do they have somewhere they can come to learn more from and about you (such as a blog or Facebook)?  Are you taking them through a journey so they will end up wanting to work directly with you?

This is best done in a flowchart or some visual way so that you can see the journey your lead goes on.  You might want to consider, at what point are you calling them, at what point are you getting them back to your blog and content, etc.

Example of Lead flowchart for your MLM business plan:

You obviously may be using different capture and relationship building techniques, but your flowchart should follow a similar process.  Don’t know how to set up a blog? The How to Blog Tutorial will show you how to do it quickly and cheaply!

3. Lead Generation Technique

How will you be marketing yourself and your business?  You will need to create a capture page that markets yourself, but how are you getting people to the page?

Some example techniques are: Content marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing, etc.

You need to ensure that whatever you choose you learn EVERYTHING about that technique and keep at it until you get some success.  So many people become a “jack of all trades” and never master any marketing strategies or give up before they can become successful.

Be clear on what technique you will use to generate your traffic, and at what point you will be adding or changing techniques (i.e. article marketing until 10 leads a day, then adding in Facebook marketing until 20 leads a day, etc)  If you don’t know where to start sign up for the Lead Generation bootcamp at the right of this page to learn the top free marketing techniques that work online today.

4. Team Member’s Journey

What happens when someone joins your team? Most new MLMers quit within the first 90 days.  Up your retention rate by setting people up for success.  Get them to create their own MLM business plan.  Get the right tools in place for them (i.e. what marketing system will they use, how can they hit the ground running?)  Interact lots with them to make sure they use the momentum they get from signing up and get some wins fast.

You want this process to be fun and easy for people.  Let them benefit from your lessons and mistakes.  Have a clear plan for them to follow in their first 90 days so they don’t get confused, frustrated and quit.  You can be 100% open with them if you are teaching them to market themselves they wont become your competition!

A great way to take the pressure off yourself is to have an MLM attraction marketing system they can plug into that will do the legwork for you so they can learn from leaders and you don’t have to spend your time hand-holding.  I use MLSP for this.  You can read the My Lead System Pro Review and see if it might be a good option for your team-members.

5. The 2 Year Plan

Where do you want to be in 2 years?  Do you want to be building your business from your new beach home?  Do you want to be putting in 5 hours a day, or do you want to be more hands off?  You need to decide what you want so you can impliment the right marketing now!

If you do want to be more handsoff later you need to build some evergreen marketing!

This could be article marketing, building up a blog or website, etc.  You need something that will keep marketing for you even when you aren’t putting much work into it.  You may need to identify some key teammembers who can help lead your team when you step back.  Give them free leads to talk to etc, teach them your top techniques.

You probably didn’t join MLM to become a slave.  So include your future plans in your MLM business plan so that you can build your business in a way that you can step in and out if you need to.

6.  Your  Current 90 Day Commitment and Tracker

What are you going to do TODAY?  What are you going to do TOMORROW?  How are you going to move towards your goals?

If you’re unsure just give your marketing technique and MLM business plan a 90 day trial, at the end you will know whether you can be a success in MLM or not.

Create a 90 day goal of how much traffic you will build, how many leads you will generate, and how many sign-ups it will turn into.  Then track what you do weekly.

You can get access to the 90 day weekly tracker  HERE.  This was designed for my MLM lead generation bootcamp students, but I’ll give you access to this to include in your MLM business plan!

You can get more tools and training for implementing your MLM business plan by signing up for the free 8 day course at the right of this page…you can opt out at any time! :)

You have probably noticed that the MLM business plan does not look at SWOT analysis or competition.  That’s because anyone truly can be successful in MLM if they simply make a plan and follow it consistently until they achieve success.  If you stay up-to-date and use the methods described in Magnetic Sponsoring of promoting yourself you simply don’t have to worry about competition.  You just need to keep building yourself up and adding to your knowledge and expertise to make sure you become more and more desirable as a leader.

You can automate most of your MLM business plan by having the right marketing system in place!  You can get a sneak preview of the only marketing system I use (and also learn how to create multiple streams of income) by clicking HERE.

If you found this MLM business plan guide useful or have questions please leave your comments below!




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