MonaVie Testimonials: Learn the Truth from a Non-Distributor

MonaVie Testimonials – The Truth Behind the Company

If you’re looking for MonaVie testimonials you are really looking to know the truth behind that company.  Is this a company you can trust? Are people actually making decent money with the opportunity? Are the products good? Can you be a success with MonaVie?  Well as a third-party non-distributor I can show you the truth behind MonaVie and help you answer these questions.


Monavie Testimonials – The Products

There is no doubt that People in MonaVie absolutely LOVE the products.  They swear by both the taste and the health benefits.  So let’s get more specific.  What has MonaVie actually done for people.  Here’s just a couple Monavie testimonials on the health benefits:

“I have been diagnosed with Chron’s Disease for about 13 years. I have had surgery and had several not so fun trips to the hospital. I have been on prednisone numerous times. I had to cut alot out my diet just to stay out of the hospital. Several months ago, my brother told me about Monavie. He said it got him off blood pressure medications. I was very skeptical and put him off for months. Desperate to get off Prednisone, I tried a bottle of Monavie. I must admit I felt better right away, but considered it coincidental. I am a nurse and have always been a firm believer in medications and hard a hard time believing a juice could me. Needless to say, I had no flare ups while drinking Monavie. I went out of town for three days and forgot my juice. I got really sick. I thought I would have to go to the hospital. When I got home I drank a 8 oz. of Monavie and two hours later felt better. That was enough to make me a believer. It didn’t “cure” as many better have claimed, but it really helps my body control my Chron’s Disease. I have been able to eat stuff that I haven’t eaten in years…no problems. I even was able to go vegetarian, Finally!! This juice has given me normalcy in my life!” – Julie on IBS Help

“My sister-in-law has been a nurse for 40 years in NY, never believes in anything other than drugs, works at the ICU in Brookdale Hospital , Brooklyn NYC. I sent her 2 bottles of the ‘Acai Active Blend’ for her birthday–against the will of my wife (who said she would never take it). She did not try the juice for about a week, so I begged her to begin drinking it, and after a few days she called me and RAVED about her energy level. About 10 days into the regimen, she called and ordered 24 bottles for her fellow nurses, friends and son. This blew my mind. Someone whom I never expected to show any interest is now my biggest promoter.” – Leslie Florida

So people clearly rave about the products and many people have had success with it.  You do always wonder was it a placebo effect or really the effects of the juice, but there are hundreds of MonaVie testimonials on the health benefits around the web if you look. So what about the opportunity?  Are people actually making money with MonaVie?

MonaVie Testimonials – The Opportunity

MonaVie testimonials on the actual opportunity are much, much harder to find online.  This is because income claims can be a legal grey area.  They must also be accompanied by a disclaimer that some people may make no money at all, etc.  So the best way to get an idea of how much money CAN be made with Monavie it’s best to look at their income disclosure statement on their website.  This will give you a good idea of the spread of income within the company

You will probably notice that 70% of distributors are on the bottom rank making almost no money at all.  So what does that say about MonaVie?  Well not much at all, the truth is that most people who start any home based business fail within their first 90 days.  Why?  Because they don’t know how to market a business, so they run out of cashflow when they waste their money on bad advertising and they never get enough leads to get off the ground.  MonaVie recommends getting people to simply taste the product and they will join you, but in the modern world and with the power of the internet if you rely on tasting parties to grow a business you are unlikely to get anywhere.

So don’t worry about finding Monavie testimonials with income claims.  It doesn’t really matter what other people have made, it’s more about what you can do to make money in the business.  You can make money in this or any good home based business as long as you know how to market, how to get high-quality leads for your business, how to generate cashflow through multiple-streams of income, and how to teach the people below you to do the same.  Sound daunting? Make it easy by visiting the MonaVie Training Center, where you can learn step-by-step how to do all this and make any network marketing business a success!  Who knows, perhaps people will soon be reading your MonaVie Testimonials!


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