Being Smart is Sooooo Stupid

You know me….maybe… I love a good oxymoron.  (Or at least the chance to use the word oxymoron).

But if you are entering into an online business your “smartness” can be either your greatest asset or your biggest weakness.

Let me explain by telling you a little bit of my story.

I’ve always considered myself smart.  I could easily figure out how to get good grades in school, how to ace most tests, how to set myself up for promotion in jobs…. basically, I felt that I was good at using cleverness to leapfrog myself to success.

This works, in fact I highly recommend using Leapfrogging in your business.  However, you do have to be careful that you don’t jump important steps.

For example, I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing over the years, and I have managed to have enough success through my own brute force efforts to be able to stay at home with my entire family.

However, I had reached a bit of a wall in how far I  could push my business.

Now I sell a tool that I believe in whole heartedly, but I second guessed their selling methods.  So I created my own capture pages, linked it to their sales video, and got terrible conversion percentages!

I blogged primarily on my own blog of my own design, and got way lower leads per visitor than when I just used their blog system.

I noticed that everything seemed to work a little smoother when I used their tools, but funny enough I was too sure of my own cleverness to realize what this meant.

So I kept trying to tweak their system to be better and work faster, when I already had proof that their pages worked better.

The proof was in the numbers.

And still I tried to outwit, to jump forward, and to be cleverer than them.

I got a big slap in the face last weekend when I went to a company event.

I discovered the first night that I was in the top 25% of income earners in the room, and I was so proud of myself, this is the facebook post I put up that night:

But I realized with growing horror (at myself) the next day that not only were the people above me earning more, they were spending less time doing it!  And they didn’t have access to any extra lessons or extra tools.  They weren’t creating their own sales videos or funnels.

They were 100% embracing the system.

I just about fell out of my chair when it all hit me:

My pride in my abilities had gotten me in my own way.

Not only did complicating the system make me have to work harder than everyone else, it was also demonstrating to both my team and the people who considered working with me that they would have to complicate things too.

I was showing them a much more difficult path (and yes I had made it successful).  But they deserve to know that it is actually easy.

So I decided to swallow my pride… I decided to stop trying to jump up to being a salesperson when the people who designed the system had both built $30k a day businesses.

When they clearly could sell better than I ever could.

Maybe someday, when I have learned everything and achieved my own $30k days I will be ready to outdo people and create my own systems.

But in the meantime I will embrace the system I use 100%…. because not only has it enabled me to quit my job and work from home (and keep my entire family home with me)…. it has done that even when I made it more difficult than it had to be.

It worked even when I got in my own way!

Person after person at that event told me how they had made $30k and more without using anything other than the system exactly how it is and actually taking the time to go through the trainings provided.

So I’m going to let my personal blog and pages wait for the time being, I am going to fully embrace the only system I have ever seen that has made it this simple to have success and to still be providing value and integrity for people in the team.

The only system I have ever seen where it is truly simple to market any business with success!

You can learn what it is by watching the video on this site.

Find and bookmark my new (and much better) blog here.

See you there!