Generating Your Own Qualified MLM Leads Through Killer Opt-In Pages

Start Generating Qualified MLM Leads!

First off you need to know what makes qualified MLM leads.  The MOST qualified MLM leads are ALWAYS people who know the value of MLM and aren’t suspicious of the industry so you don’t have to convince them.

Therefore the most highly qualified MLM leads are people who are already in MLM, but struggling and in need of a strong leader (YOU!) or people who are actively looking to get involved in MLM.

The best way to find these people is by giving them training in how to be a success in MLM.  This is called Attraction Marketing.

So how can you use your opt-in page to generate qualified MLM leads?

1. Have a Video

  • People like videos!  They have actually come to expect videos, and they simply aren’t bothered to read text on a page anymore.  If you are selling or offering anything (even if it’s free) they want you to tell them about it in a video, and keep your wording to a minimum.
  • Video will help people get to know you as a REAL person.  You much prefer to have people on your list that actually know who you are and remember opting in to your site.  I know I am like most people and I’m ten times more likely to open an email if I recognize the name or remember that I asked for the info!

2.  Get Specific

  • The more specific your website is the more people will opt-in….period.
  • The first way to get specific is to be clear about who your website is for.  If it is for qualified MLM leads start with a headline like “Stop struggling in MLM”.  You want your prospect to immediately feel they have landed on a website tailor made for them!  The more specific to them you are, the more likely they will feel they have to get your information because it will be specific to their situation.   (Example: My opt-in pages typically have a 3-6% opt-in rate, but if I make a page for a specific MLM company, then use articles to drive reps or prospects for that company, my opt-in can go up to almost 20% and I get HIGHLY qualified MLM leads!)
  • The second way to get specific is with what you are offering.  Don’t just tell people you will send them a free gift.  Tell them what the free gift will do for them!  If you are giving them a free training for opting in let them know how long the training is and what it will teach them (i.e. 90 minute free webinar will help you learn how to create 5-10 leads a day using a simple Facebook technique)  They opt in because they want to know the technique!
  • Tease them a little.  I use my video to let them know that they will learn a simple secret that can completely revolutionize their business.  I tell them that they will learn this secret on the next page and that I will be specific, not vague.  Often people enter their details because they just want to know what that secret is, then I deliver them such high value that they become qualified MLM leads!

3. Deliver

  • Think about where you are sending people once they have opted-in.  Most people won’t have a problem with you pitching a product on the back end, but ONLY if you’ve delivered what you promised first.  Make sure the first page they go to delivers!
  • Remember how I promise people a secret??  The page they go to on signing up is a longer video going in depth into the secret that can completely change their business.  I deliver on my promise instantly.  They also then have the option to look at a product that can genuinely help them apply that secret, but it’s not rammed down their throuts and they can simply choose not to buy the product, they still get good info!
  • Make sure your email follow up is not pushy.  Don’t tell them what they have to do!  They signed up for information, not to be pitched to…so make sure you are giving them great information first and foremost.  A list of qualified MLM leads that actually like and open your emails will be a huge asset in the long term!

Want to see examples of what I’m talking about?

  • Click here to see my generic opt-in page.
  • Click here for an opt-in pages advertising my 8 day Bootcamp.
  • Click here for an opt-in offering free training on “10 weird ways” to generate 50 free leads a day! (Notice how there is a focus on how Trick #2 is going to “blow you away” with how funny and creative it is!  This is getting specific and playing to the person’s curiousity! The main thing is that then Trick 2 has to actually BE funny and creative….also, this is a My Lead System Pro opt-in page…I didn’t have to make it myself and it actually CONVERTS qualified MLM leads!)


Remember, traffic will only help you if you have a way to CAPTURE it!  You want people to come back, get to know you, and want to work with you.  So your opt-in page HAS to convert.  The easiest way to generate opt-in pages is to use a system that does it for you.  I always recommend MLSP because they have both opt-in pages you can customize with your videos and wording, but they also have opt-in pages that offer specific trainings that are proven to convert so that you don’t have to set this up yourself!

You can read the full My Lead System Pro Review to see if it is for you!

Now go out and create your killer opt-in pages and start generating highly qualified MLM leads!


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