The Best Worst Situation You Can Find Yourself In

It’s the worst situation you can find yourself in…

You find out in work that half your department is being laid off.

Effective Immediately.

You have two kids at home and your wife is due soon with your third child.

You’ve worked incredibly hard to get a good six figure job, and now in a matter of seconds someone can suddenly take that all away from you.

This is the exact situation my friend and fellow EN team member Lawrence Tam found himself in just last week….

And the dreaded moment happened.

He was told that his name was on the list of those that were being laid off.

But Lawrence (being a bit of a bad ass) didn’t bat an eye.

Instead, he simply told his wife the news and sat back smiling.

You see… while everyone else was busy getting panic stricken about whether or not their jobs were safe, Lawrence was methodically building an online business part-time.

At this point he is earning 5 times what he earned in engineering (we’re talking over six figures in the last four months alone).

So instead of being faced with the horror of a lay-off just two months before his third child is due, he and his wife are overjoyed that he will now be full-time at home with his family, and he got to leave his job with a redundancy package as he was laid off!

Not bad for a bit of part time work!


These kinds of stories are coming out of the team NONSTOP!

Here’s a screenshot from another fellow teammate Bryan’s Facebook Timeline yesterday:

And my very favorite stories are the ones coming from total newbies…

People who could barely afford the $25 to get started!

And, while I’m telling happy stories… here’s a screenshot from my own email:

So what does every one of us have in common (besides being part of a great opportunity)?

We all were willing to follow a few simple steps daily.  Some of us part time, some of us full time. Some of us brand new to internet marketing, some of us old hats.  The secret was nothing more than a good opportunity… and putting in some genuine work!

I always pride myself on not being about “Hype” and I’m not going to tell you to just blindly join us because we’re having success.

But I am going to tell you to think hard about where you are and where you want to go.

I am going to tell you that I’ve never seen anything like the training and real help offered by our company and within my team.

And I am going to tell you to learn more about what we are doing to achieve the most NEWBY success stories I have ever seen in my four years online!

Decide if you’re ready to achieve real results, decide if you’re ready to be part of a bullsh*t free team, and decide to take action towards your own success.

Learn more about the Rebel Marketer’s Team here.

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