The Easy MLM Strategy Part 3: Closing the Sale

So in this Easy MLM Strategy series we’ve looked at the importance of Unplugging Your Brain and following a System in Part 1, and we’ve looked at simple 3 step traffic in Part 2.

Today we will be looking at what can be the scariest topic of all for most network marketers: Closing the Sale!!

Closing doesn’t have to be scary, and you don’t have to get nervous everytime the phone rings or you get an email with a lead requesting a call.  There are two important components of good closing, and we’re going to make sure you’re taking advantage of them from today.

1. How Qualified are Your Leads??

- This is actually THE most important part of closing, the more qualified your leads are, the easier it will be to close the sale.  What do we mean by qualified? This is not about how desperate they are, or how badly they want to be making money from home.  Quality comes from what SYSTEM you are putting them through before you ever speak to them.

-If you’re following the easy MLM strategy I have outlined in this series this part should be a piece of cake.

-Your leads started by seeing your content either on social media or on Google and CLICKED a link to learn more about what you are doing (every click or action your lead takes makes them more qualified as they are declaring their interest in your and your company)

-You sent your leads to a HIGH-QUALITY presentation that is known to convert.  This does not mean just a 10 or 15 minute teaser, but an indepth presentation (my team’s presentation will give you a better idea of what I mean), they have again shown their interest by committing their time to watch the entire thing.

-After the presentation they have been given the option to join or request a call from you. (In our team we have set this up through a simple Facebook app, so they can easily opt for a call).

-They have now been through 3 actions that have led them to ask for a call….this means that they are VERY high-quality as they still want to find out more after having learned all the reasons they should join your company.

-You now HAVE TO CALL!  Don’t worry, these people will actually know who you are, or at least what the heck you’re talking about, and they wont slam down the phone!

2. Asking for a Decision

-People are so afraid to JUST ASK, but this is what will make the sale 9 times out of 10.  If you don’t ask someone to actually make a decision they won’t ever decide.  They’ll keep thinking they ought to join, but will keep putting it off for a better time (that will never come).

-How to Ask?

-Start the conversation by telling the person who you are and that you saw they viewed the presentation and requested a call.  Ask them what they liked most about the presentation.

-Allow them to talk about everything they were inspired by.  It’ll help remind them why they asked for a call.

-Once they’ve talked to you about what they liked, get them to bring up your website while you’re on the phone, show them where the join button is, and tell them it sounds like they’re ready to get started, they just have to click Join Now.

- There is no need to ask people about their questions, if there are questions they NEED answered, they will ask you.  If they are HOW to do it questions (how to be a success, how to get people on the phone, etc) they are pretty much ready to get started.  If they are WHY questions (why you, why your company) they are looking to be talked into it and I typically don’t bother! Let them go away and think about it themselves.

-Tell them what’s going to happen next!  If they seem to then get nervous about hitting join, simply explain to them that once they’ve joined you are going to send them straight to the team trainings to get started marketing TODAY.  People don’t really care about joining companies, they care about what SYSTEM they will employ to become a success.

-You can explain how you got them on the phone today (content, to presentation, to phone call!) and that you will be teaching them to do the exact same.  So the quicker they join, they quicker they will begin driving traffic and recruiting others into their business.

What Next?

After they’ve joined stay true to your word!  Send them IMMEDIATELY to training in how to follow the same easy MLM strategy that you are using.  Get them into action AS SOON as they’ve made their decision, and they are 100 times more likely to be successful (which help’s ensure YOUR success).  If you don’t have team trainings set up, leverage yourself by joining a team that does!  Or you can even start by sending them to this Easy MLM Strategy series so they can learn the 3 steps to success, and 3 step traffic for themselves.

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