The Tortoise and The Hare: A 2012 Rags To Riches Tale

Nothing irritates me more than people KNOWING that consistency matters, understanding that if they simply commit to a few simple tasks every single day they WILL hit their goals, and still not doing it.

Sometimes I just want to shake people and say “Just Do It!” It’s not that hard and takes minimal effort.

The big problem is that most people can’t sacrifice today (a little bit of time and effort) if they aren’t 100% sure they are working towards a definite outcome tomorrow.

Look at it this way, you probably set your alarm every Sunday night and drag yourself to work Monday morning all because someone signed a little piece of paper saying they would give you a check at the end of the month.

Getting out of bed and going to work sucks, but most people do it because they know the outcome.

The one thing that EVERY single rags to riches tale online has in common is consistency.

There are hundreds of ways to make money, and hundreds of ways to drive traffic… but each time a new person is successful everyone wants to know their way, and their secret.

Frankly, it doesn’t really matter!  Their secret is they picked something and stuck to it.

Because this (obviously) irks me so much… here is a little video I recorded that illustrates the outcome of consistency overtime (using math and everything!


For you lazies who hate video online (sorry to say I’m one of them!) … here’s the honest truth.

This is what happens when you work in fits and starts (kinda like a hare).

This is what happens when you work consistently (kinda like the old tortoise):

Everytime you STOP you have to start from scratch again.  Everytime you decide to take a break for a month, Google decides your website has gone cold and your social media contacts decide they can’t trust you to stick around or that you don’t take your business seriously.

When you’re a hare you start from nothing every couple of months.

When you’re a tortoise you build on what you have already done.  You might not see much in the way of results for the first couple of months, but something is growing under the surface.  You are establishing a history with Google.  You are building trust with your social contacts.  People are seeing that you are real, that you are genuine, and that you are not going anywhere.

Stability is rare online.

Be the person who can be trusted to still be marketing, to still be blogging, and to still be delivering the same message six months from now…and you will be followed!

I know it sucks, I know some days you simply want to throw in the towel (on those days use the fingerless ninja blogging technique!), but I promise that the only thing that will get you your dreams is consistency.

My team has a core 3 steps that we do daily.  We leverage our knowledge and our tools to ensure that a small amount of work goes a long way, but we ALL know that being consistent is more important than any other thing!

Decide what you can do daily, commit to doing it every single day no matter what!  And you will reach your dreams!

Learn more about my team and our simple daily action steps!

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