Usana Products Review From an Independent Source

An Unbiased look at Usana Products!

When looking into Usana products it can be next to impossible to tell the fact from the fiction, as so much information out there is disseminated by people trying to sell the opportunity.  The truth is that the majority of people looking into the Usana products are also considering joining the company as a distributor and want to find out if the products are good and worth selling.  So let’s have a look at the Usana range from the perspective of whether or not they are good products to promote! (And upfront, I have no affiliation with Usana, so will be able to look at Usana products from an unbiased perspective).

Usana Products fall into 3 categories:

1. Nutritionals

The Usana nutritionals range includes Essentials, Optimizers, and Digestion/Detox nutritional supplements.  These supplements are designed to assist in your overall health.  There ranges have many anti-oxidants, but they also have a great deal of supplements that are targeted at delivering different vitamins and minerals to support health in different parts of the body.

2. Diet and Energy

The second Usana Products range is primarily targeted at weight-loss.  They have a variety of bars and shakes that are designs to help you replace meals and suppress your appetite.  These work much in the same way as other items on the market, but apparently do taste good and stop you from overeating.  They have energy drinks and “surge” packs that help you get a boost of energy when you need it, again so that you are not overdoing it on the food and packing on weight!  The energy packs are supposed to be a better alternative to usual energy drinks that cause people to crash and burn.

3. Personal Care

The final Usana Products range is for personal care.  These are topical creams, washes, shampoo, etc.  The primary line in the personal care range is called Sense, and has been quite popular.  The idea behind this range is that they include anti-oxidants for the skin, as well as much needed vitamins and nutrients.  The thing that set’s this range apart from other beauty ranges is that it is specially formulated with a preserving technology that doesn’t use parabens (which can cause allergic reactions and have been recently linked to breast cancer).

So Usana products do have a good reputation for being high-quality, but the controversy comes in when we look at the pricing.  Their prices are quite a bit higher than some of their non-network marketing competitors.  While Usana says this is due to the high quality of the products, some people have argued that it is not justified.

However, Usana does have thousands of happy customers as well as distributors, and with celebrity endorsements they have gone far to keep a good reputation.  If you are looking at selling Usana products yourself it is important to keep in mind the obstacles you might face.

The real money in Usana comes not from focusing on the products, but from referring other people to the business, and the old network marketing models of getting others in through word of mouth simply no longer work!  To be successful selling Usana products and the business you will have to learn how to generate high quality leads on demand, and create multiple streams of income as you grow!  The best way to do this is to get educated straight away on HOW to be a success in network marketing.  The 8 day MLM Lead Generation Bootcamp will take you through step-by-step to setting up as a network marketing success, whether you choose to promote Usana products or not!  Simply register for the free bootcamp on the right of this page!

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