What is Attraction Marketing? The 5 Components of Attraction Marketing and How to Apply Them to Your Business

Attraction Marketing is absolutely taking the MLM/Network Marketing industry by storm. Why?? Because it works! But if you don’t understand it, or you simply don’t know how to implement it in your business you are going to get left behind. It is attraction marketing that is taking the guesswork out of network marketing and allowing complete newbies to become Network Marketing superstars almost overnight.

So what is attraction marketing, and how can YOU implement it in your business?

The definition of Attraction Marketing is:

The use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it.

This is basically like giving the goods before someone has paid for them! When you are building an MLM or network marketing team you are promising your prospects and team members training in becoming a home business success. They have absolutely no way to tell that your training will be good or that it will actually help them achieve success. The only evidence they have to go by is your results. So, until you get results people typically don’t want to work with you! If they like your company they will simply find someone more successful to sign up with. This is why some people try to “fake it ’til they make it”. But if you can’t actually train people they fail in the business and typically quit within 30 to 90 days.

So, how do you stop this from happening? By providing your training upfront! By showing people how to be a success at home business before they have even looked at your company. Attraction Marketing is all about leading with yourself, not your company. Give away as much excellent training as possible (and I mean train them in tactics that actually work!) and your leads will end up asking about your company because they want to work more directly with you. If you are offering them amazing training for FREE, they know that if they join you the one-on-one training will be even better!

Ok, but how can you do this if you aren’t a success….if you don’t know how to train because you haven’t been trained well yourself??

The easiest way to understand how a total newbie can use Attraction Marketing is to break it down to the 5 major components that make a strong Attraction Marketing campaign.

1. Becoming Valuable
There are two things that will make you seem like a valuable leader to your prospects.
-Having an amazing success story (which you probably don’t…..yet!)
-Offering amazing training
So your first step is to get as much training as you possibly can, from industry experts, and then pass it on to your leads. Create a blog or an article account with Ezine Articles, and begin sharing your new knowledge. You can also use this knowledge to get more traffic and leads to your sites! The good news is that with attraction marketing starting to take a real foothold in the industry it is easier than ever to get access to good training. Just find out where the leaders are and start with their CURRENT training in what works now. Heck, you can start with the articles on this blog, learn and apply the knowledge and then pass it on (in your own words of course!!)

2. Personal Branding
You need to lead with yourself not your company! Gather your leads through opt-in pages that promote you and your free training. The more specific it is the better. Exactly what will they learn in exchange for becoming your lead?? Is it training in facebook marketing, or video marketing, or setting up their own websites?? The more specific the benefit, the more likely people will sign up as a lead! But make sure that they know who you are! Get them to your opt-in page through your blog or content so that they have already received high-value information from you before you’ve ever even asked for an email! Use videos or pictures of yourself so people get to know you.

3. Relationship Building
This is that most important component of ANY marketing campaign. People need to get to know you and view you as a real person before they start to trust you. The secret to the relationship is giving more than you’re asking. If you’ve asked someone for their email, make sure you are offering good training through your autoresponders. They should not feel hounded for money or to join your business. You want them to seek you out because of the value you are offering. So constantly think about what they need and give it to them! If you are always looking from the perspective of actually helping others, you will win 100% of the time!

4. Funded Proposals
So many network marketers fail before they can even get started because they run out of money! A funded proposal is a way to create some cashflow for your business as you build. This is about creating multiple streams of income to build a solid base for your business. You can offer your leads (as part of the training) tools and resources that will help them be a success. Don’t be pushy and ONLY offer tools that you use and know to be really valuable. You can collect affiliate commisions whenever someone buys your tools and get multiple checks coming in. But remember, the RELATIONSHIP is more important than your cashflow. Don’t sacrifice it for ANYTHING, and particularly not for a quick buck! Don’t oversell your tools and make sure the training outweighs the offers. Let people make their own decisions on what they need. When the tools are good, they’ll thank you for them.
Still don’t understand funded proposals? I have a full article on funded proposals and how they work here.

Don’t be a slave to your business!! The best attraction marketing campaigns run completely on autopilot. This allows you to focus on gathering more and more knowledge to deliver. You can automate your relationship building through good opt-in pages and autoresponders, you can automate the training you deliver through creating a blog that people can return to over and over, and by using a marketing system that trains your leads for you. You can automate finding good funded proposals by leveraging yourself through the use of a good marketing system with integrated funded proposals. You can automate your learning by being part of an attraction marketing system that delivers weekly trainings from top industry experts in CURRENT marketing strategies. And you can even automate your residual income by having a good attraction marketing system to offer your downline, so you don’t have to hold their hand through the process!

Go ahead and have a sneak peak at the Attraction Marketing System that I use.

So…what is attraction marketing…well, if you only get one thing from this article remember this:
Always think about what you can offer, how you can be valuable and how you can help others…and you will get everything you desire in this industry.

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