When I Grow Up….

Today I’ve decided to step down from the soap box for a little bit… and talk about what’s really important.

When I look at Facebook and Twitter these days I see a lot of people arguing….furiously arguing about society and what we should do with our future.

Should the government have more or less control?  Should religion play a role?  Who should be taxed what??  It can be a little overwhelming.

In times like these I like to remind myself that the biggest problem with society today is that we are arguing over the wrong things.  Primarily the arguments come down to money.  Who should have it, who should control it, what we should do with it?  But if money is just something we agreed to use as a measure of worth…then it in itself is worthless.

The real commodity in life is TIME.

When you work a job you are selling your time.  When you work as a freelancer or consultant, you are renting your time.  When you worry endlessly about money you are wasting your time.

When we were children we all had hopes and dreams…things we wanted to pursue, passions we wanted to follow.  For most people these are many.  Not one.  When someone asks you what you want to do with your life have you narrowed it down to just one dream?  I haven’t.

I want to be a novel writer.

I want to be a fashion designer.

I want to be an entrepreneur.

I want to be an excellent mother who is there everyday for her children.

When you have TIME you can pursue ALL of your dreams.

With my time…

  • I read novels endlessly as well as books about plot, structure and writing.
  • I write everyday.
  • I take classes on pattern making and fashion design and I come up with my own projects and am working to be able to make my own clothes from scratch (I’m currently making an awesome sexy skirt!)
  • I study online marketing and work on my business everyday…but I choose when to work and what to work on.
  • I get to write passionately about what I believe in and work with people who share my beliefs.
  • I spend hours just playing with my children…working on getting my young baby to learn to sit up, running around the house playing chase with my toddler.

If my blog is all about making money online…why am I saying money isn’t important?

Well, I’m not.

Money is what will free your time.

But remember, at the end of life…it’s what you did with your time that will matter to you.  It’s the relationships you took the time to develop.  It’s the projects you passionately worked on in the face of adversity.  It’s the dreams you did follow.

I hate when people think people who make money online are only trying to get other people’s money so they can go sit on a beach or take a cruise.

And don’t get me wrong…I LOVE travel, but life is not about the holidays….it’s about the LIFE in between.

You don’t have to be making $30,000 a month to be happy… you just need to have the freedom to chose what to do with your time. You need enough to not have to worry endlessly.

Do you know what it takes to free yourself: Consistent work, on a proven strategy.

DON’T spend all your money buying more and more and more info products trying to find the absolute ideal business that will take you from zero to millions in “30 days or less”… just find something that works that has a step-by-step path you can follow, and FOLLOW IT!

(If you don’t know where to start pick up the Rebel Marketer’s Manual at the right of this page).

You can dream big, but make sure that along the way you take the TIME to appreciate you and the things you are interested in.

Happiness doesn’t wait for the holidays, it just waits for you to spend a little time doing things you love.

What did you want to be when you “grow up”??


Spend some time today doing something that gets you a little closer to that dream.


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